Once upon a time in a land not too far away there was a busy little village of young visionaries. Whether at work or at their playground, the ideas flowed and bounced around in their minds. One day those incubating and inspiring dreams developed wings and joined together under one roof. A first of its kind was formulated...a business model, a community, and a cooperative coffeehouse with an address towards the west side of that busy town.

Coffee and biscotti, books and hot tea, homemade meals and desserts from bakeries, vintage furniture and home decor, micro- brewed beer/wine and live music on weekends, pastries and warm cozy scented candles from the market, and more all nestled inside of this synergetic venue.

This collaboration is uniquely set in an old Europe meets New York place with a Midwest welcoming atmosphere, where individual businesses connect in a non-competitive cohesiveness.

A shared passion and conviction of new business owners and dedicated employees at Stories Coffeehouse is to play a supportive role in creating a community that encourages companionship, comfort, and a welcoming and honoring hospitality to you.

You are warmly invited to come to Stories Coffeehouse, allowing us the pleasure of offering our best to you as we learn your story and share our story with you.


Stories Coffeehouse
1129 South 180th Street
(southeast corner of 180th and Pacific Street)
Omaha, NE 68130